The greatest joy in my life was becoming a parent followed closely by becoming a grandparent and then that Hall of Fame thing to round out the top three. I have the three most wonderful grandchildren in the world and I am so blessed to get to be their Papa. There is no joy like spending some time with Zander, Zayden and Kirzi but I will soon be joined by a fourth. The picture above was taken right after Kirzi was born a few years ago.

I am happy to report that my son Nick and his bride Kia are expecting with my fourth grandchild. We just found out this week that is a....BOY!! I would have been thrilled with another granddaughter but I am so happy for Nick and Kia to have one of each and can feel the joy of raising a boy as well...hee hee. I can't wait for our new arrival this spring. Papa has more room in his heart and on his lap.

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