It is not secret that I think George Strait is the coolest guy in the music business. What you may not know is that Gary Allan is number 2. I love this guy. He just oozes cool and I loved every single song he has done since he started this career in the late 90's all the way up to his latest work. I am a fanatical fan. I had the pleasure of sitting next to him and interviewing him years ago. I sat there the whole time thinking " I am sitting next to Gary freaking Allan".

Today is Mr. Allan's 46th birthday and I had to pick my top 5 Gary songs. I could have done 100. It wasn't easy but here are my top 5.

5. Alright Guy - Never a single but one of the coolest Gary songs ever. Love this cover of the Todd Snider tune

4. Right Where I Need To Be - This is how every man should feel about his woman

3. The One - One of the prettiest love songs ever

2. Smoke Rings In The Dark - He found his coolness on this one from 99

1. Tough Little Boys - This makes me cry every time

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