Craig Campbell has been a favorite of K99 and the Good Morning Guys for years. There are many reasons for this. He married our friend Mindy Ellis from right here in Loveland. He is one of the nicest guys in the business. He is one heck of a singer and he is really our friend. Today is Craig's 37th birthday. Happy birthday to one of the true gentlemen in country music.

Craig is a true family man and real country singer. You cannot hide the country in this boys voice. He was born in Metter, Georgia on this date in 1979 and we are thankful his folks brought him into this world. He has given us several hits already with many many more to come. He is what country music is supposed to be... real songs about real people. Here are a few of my favorites from Craig. Happy birthday buddy. Have a great day with that wonderful family and keep the hits coming.