Fans filled nearly two city blocks to hear Hank Williams, Jr. sing his hits during the NRA Country Jam on Friday night (April 10). Lower Broadway in Nashville was shoulder-to-shoulder from 6th Ave. to Honky Tonk Central on 4th Ave., and the crowd arrived early.

The 5th annual NRA Country Jam came to Nashville for the first time, and an estimated 70,000 visitors came to be a part of the fun. Friday night's free show came after a day of exhibits and shopping for many. New rifle cases and sponsored swag were as common a sight as the American flag. Remington was a major sponsor, and a representative was on stage for what was one of the more memorable moments of the concert.

During Colt Ford's opening set, the singer stepped aside as representatives of the NRA and Remington presented a $10,000 check to the Lone Survivor Foundation. That's former Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell's foundation. The group strives to help wounded soldiers and their families.

Prior to the show Ford told Taste of Country how he came to be involved with the foundation, and how he became friends with Luttrell. The American hero sought the singer out — much to Ford’s surprise — and a few years later Ford would write a song called "Workin' On" about post traumatic stress disorder. Then he called up his friend.

“When this song came about, I just had a vision,” Ford says. At first he only wanted to shoot a PSA and donate proceeds of the song to the Lone Survivor Foundation. It turned into a mini-movie. The trailer is available on YouTube.

“Most people, I don't think, would probably do it because it’s a little too intense and sometimes people are afraid to broach those subjects … but for me it needed to be done.”

Ford played an intense set prior to Williams taking the stage. Sunny Sweeney opened the show. The Texan is an avid gun rights supporter. "I'm married to a police officer, so ..." she says, laughing, before admitting she would be anyway. Her set came two hours before Bocephus hit the stage, but thousands of fans were already lined up along Broadway to hear her sing songs like "You Don't Know Your Husband" and "Drink Myself Single."

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