I love being in the country music industry. I am very proud of the artists and writers who make the music and who they are as people and what they stand for.There is no other genre of music that can touch your soul like country music can. I love music that makes you feel and makes you think. Country is the king at that.

Over the past few years there have been just a handful of songs that have really reached into my chest cavity and ripped my heart out or touched it in a way that brought tears to my eyes. Miranda Lambert did it with “The House That Built Me” and so did Tim McGraw with “Meanwhile Back at Mamas”. Last year Cam got me with her haunting “Burning House” and now it’s RaeLynn who is making me reach for the Kleenex. Her new song “Love Triangle” is what country music is all about. Watch this video and feel the emotion. She speaks for a lot of kids who haven’t had a voice in this particular situation. Thank you for this wonderful piece of music RaeLynn. It will make an impact.

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