Take your creativity to the next level with Airbnb.

I'll admit that the first time that I heard about people renting out their own space for complete strangers to stay in, I thought no on in their right mind would do that. There were so many security issues and liabilities running through my head. That being said, I can see why people would want to use that extra space to bring in some cash.

Now, Airbnb is making that happen for you.

Perhaps you've got a space you'd like to convert into a rental or maybe you've got an crazy idea for a space to create from scratch. Airbnb could finance it for you, even if it's completely outrageous. I mean, have you seen the elephant Airbnb in Atlantic City? Her name is Lucy.

Ultimately, Airbnb will be funding 10 projects to the tune of $1 million. Each of the 10 winning ideas will receive $100,000. It could be a brand new concept or a restoration project. And once your project is done, it's yours. Rent it out or keep it for yourself!

All pitch ideas must be submitted by April 15, 2020.

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