New York City may have a reputation for rudeness, but this pooch is changing that.

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Louboutina, a golden retriever in the Big Apple that has built a following because she gives out hugs.

She has her own Instagram page documenting her adventures.

We all know dogs love to make people happy and Louboutina is no exception, says her owner Cesar Fernandez-Chavez. "She's just a love bug," he told TODAY. "She loves people and she likes to please people."

Fernandez-Chavez has had Louboutina for about five years, but it was only about two-and-a-half years ago that the dog started embracing him and then advancing to hug others, too.

Fernandez-Chavez tells Mashable, "About a year after she started huggingme... she started doing a funny stand on her legs with her upper paws to the side."

And Fernandez-Chavez is able to see the joy in Louboutina's talent. "I'm a gay, single man, so at least I have someone to hold hands with," he joked.

Take a look at this adorable dog and remember it's always best to hug it out.

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