This may surprise some people, but the city of Denver has not always been the capital of Colorado. Shocking, I know. Before Colorado became an official state, there was another capital city. Plus a few more before that.


In 1859, a town known as the last flat place before entering the Rocky Mountains was recognized as the capital of the Colorado Territory in 1862. Many know the town of Golden as the home of Coors, but more than a decade before that, the town was named "Golden City" and was Colorado's capital city before Denver took over as the permanent capital of Colorado.

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Golden City only held on to the title of state capital for just over five years when Denver became the capital city we know today. Golden, Colorado was not the very first capital city of the Colorado Territory. The territory has had a total of four capital cities in its history.


Denver City was the first capital city from February 28, 1861, to July 7, 1862. Colorado City, which is now known as Colorado Springs, also had a short month-and-a-half stint as the capital city from July to August 1862.

Golden, Colorado has immensely grown since its days as the capital of the Colorado Territory. According to Google, the population is more than 19,000 as of 2021. If you have never been to Golden, Colorado before, you are missing out. The main drag still has the western feel you would expect from a bustling, small Colorado town and there is so much to do there. See what kind of fun attractions you can take part in in Golden, Colorado at

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