A credit card glitch means there are still tickets available for Garth Brooks' drive-in concert scheduled for June 27. The star turned to social media to try to explain what happened.

Fans who still want to attend just need to know there's a second chance at tickets. On Saturday at 12PM ET, tickets thought to have been sold will be freed up for sale at Ticketmaster. Tickets will still cost $100 per truck or car, with no limit on how many people can occupy each vehicle as long as each person has a seat belt.

Brooks explained via Twitter that due to a glitch, the credit card company in charge of the on-sale told many people their cards were not valid and requested a second card. Then both cards were charged, resulting in twice as many tickets sold as needed. Fans started to realize this and shared their experiences on social media. Some reported being charged more than twice and getting three or four times as many tickets as needed. It's not clear if they were auto-refunded or needed to initiate a refund.

Brooks spoke to his fans alongside a white truck on what looks like his property. "For those people who still want to do this and pay regular prices for it, Ticketmaster is going to put it on sale tomorrow (June 20)," he says in his video.

The drive-in show is general admission, so seating is decided by how early you arrive, not how early you bought tickets. About 200 to 300 cars will be admitted per drive-in theater, with 300 drive-in theaters participating nationwide. No details about the actual show have been revealed, including where it will originate from.

Musically Brooks is likely to play a show similar to his Dive Bar shows, but will likely include his new song "We Belong To Each Other," shared on social media days after the drive-in concert idea was announced.

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