The countdown is now on until this cowboy rides away. I announced last week that I will be moving on, to whatever may come next, after the Habajeeba Show on January 25. We will have ticket information soon on that. I did the math, and counting my upcoming vacation, I only have 40 shows left with you starting today.

I decided it would be fun to look back at this amazing career and talk about some of the most memorable moments I have had over the past 30 years here at K99. Today will be the first in a 40 part series as we countdown to the final show.

I have met some wonderful people over the years and some of the country stars stand out as memorable but it is YOU and your neighbors and friends, who have made the greatest impact on me. It is people like Dick Duvall. Dick was a die hard listener who would show up at my remote broadcasts and just hang out to chat and giggle a little. I could always count on Dick and his kindness if I was anywhere near the Greeley area. Even when Dick was getting a bit slower and had trouble breathing and walking up to me...he still did. One day Dick said to me "you may never make a million dollars but you are worth a million in my book" and handed me this $1,000,000 bill. I kept that bill in my wallet for years and years and years. I then moved it to a special place in my home office.

Dick passed away 5 years ago but I still have that bill and I will always think of Dick when I see it. He was a great man and just one of the many blessing I have gotten to experience over the past three decades. Thank you Dick. I will keep this forever.

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