Police have been searching for a man who is suspected of homicide in Northern Colorado. Adrian Pacheco is linked to a murder that took place on March 9 in Fort Collins.

Authorities have been looking for the man for over a week. Thankfully law enforcement in Colorado has found Pacheco over 170 miles from where the murder happened.

About Adrian Pacheco, The Fort Collins Suspect

Larimer County Sheriff's Office, Canva
Larimer County Sheriff's Office, Canva

Pacheco had several warrants out for his arrest. Not only did Pacheco have a first-degree murder warrant, but he also had a warrant for a second-degree assault.  Authorities assumed he took off from the area after he could not be easily located.

Authorities across Colorado made it a high priority to find the first-degree murder suspect to question him and identify if he was responsible for taking a life.

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Fort Collins Police Services claim that the shooting was gang-related.

Fort Collins Murder Suspect Caught


According to Fort Collins Police Services, Adrian Pacheco was caught and arrested in Pueblo. There was a foot chase, but law enforcement in Pueblo was able to make a swift arrest.

I’m grateful for the work and dedication our detectives have put into this case, identifying a suspect, and working to seek justice for the victim - Fort Collins Assistant Chief Kristy Volesky

Pacheco has served time before. He served eight years for an aggravated robbery and has a long criminal record.

There is no information about other suspects or if anybody else was involved in the crime.

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