After 7 years and countless contestants not being able to conquer Mt. Midoriyama, "American Ninja Warrior" finally has their first champion. The best part? He hails from Fort Collins.

Isaac Caldiero, a 33 year old rock climber and busboy, walked away the champion after countless hours to prepare and combating against top athletes from across the world.

The show has been airing on NBC since 2009 but it has never crowned an official champion at the end of the season. In actuality, no one has ever made it past the third stage of the competition.

Caldiero wasn't the only person who finished the obstacle course this season. He shares the honor with Geoff Britten. When it comes down to the time though, Caldiero topped Britten by 3.6 seconds which gave him the $1 million purse and walked away the sole champion.

Check out Caldiero's ascent to the top courtesy of American Ninja Warrior:

Congratulations to Isaac as he represented Northern Colorado and showed how much of a warrior he is!

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