The Old Town hotel will close along with its basement jazz lounge, Ace Gillett's, as they get renovated. 

The Coloradoan reports that the near century-old hotel will close as of January 1, 2019, with plans to reopen by April 1. You can read about the renovation via the Coloradoan here. (Don't worry, Ace Gillett's isn't closing until February, so it will still be open for its New Year's Eve party.)

The Armstrong Hotel was built in 1923, when it was tallest building in Fort Collins. According to the Armstrong, the hotel was revitalized in the early 2000s, after becoming a sad 'eyesore' in the '90s and sitting vacant for years. Now, it's a charming Old Town staple, but only because of the work that's been put into restoring it in recent years, and that work will continue into 2019.

Here's what the hotel looks like now:

(Featuring Oreo)

'Each corner of the building still features the elegant tile cartouche with a floral motif—the structure’s only non-utilitarian embellishment.'

'The building’s architecture still reflects the simple, symmetrical, 'clean' form of the early ‘20s. The east and south facades still feature leaded prismatic glass tiles used to diffuse light that came into the original lobby and dining rooms.' - Armstrong Hotel


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