There is no question that Northern Colorado is growing like crazy. This is not the same place I moved to 30 years ago. There are more and more people coming here every day to live and that means more vehicles out on our roads...lots more vehicles.

I remember when it would take me a few minutes to drive from one end of Greeley to the other and now it takes about 3 times longer than it did even a few years ago. I used to be able to blast over to Fort Collins from Greeley to do an appearance and it would take me about half an hour and now it takes as long as it does to get to Denver.

All of the cities and towns in Northern Colorado have experienced a boost in traffic volume but which one is now the worst to drive through. I have to say, hands down, it is Fort Collins. I love Fort Collins but it has turned into a white knuckle curse fest for me every time I head that direction. Which city is the worst for you to drive through? Vote here.

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