Here's little story that shows what a great hearts that the people of Fort Collis have.  A story about a man getting Cokes for his wife, who loved them.

I have a dear friend whose mother recently passed away after a long battle with cancer, and then COPD issues. Nicole called me the other day to tell me this story about the Campus West Sonic and her dad.

It goes back to how my friend's Mom, Diane, loved Coca-Cola. When she became more and more sick, Cokes were not in her diet, yet she would treat herself to them. Her husband, Mike, would drive over to the local gas station and get her a fountain soda Coke, twice a day.

Facebook/Nicole Oliberos

Mike, however, is older, and doesn't get around that well anymore. So, they decided that he should go over to Sonic at Campus West, because he wouldn't have to get out of the car, at all. So it was: For two years, twice a day, Mike was at Sonic, getting Diane a Coke.

Everyone in the family are huge Rams fans, Diane having worked for Colorado State for many years. It almost seems as it should be, that Campus West would be a part of this story.  Nicole, phoned me to tell me what happened at Sonic the other day.

After Diane had passed, Mike drove over to the Sonic to get some food. The staff there just love Mike (the Coke guy who comes twice a day for his wife,) and a few of them came out to say 'Hello.' Mike ended up telling them about Diane, and they could not have been more sad no more supportive. They were very, very kind.

When Mike told them that he'd still be coming around, because he does like those footlong dogs, they practically jumped at the opportunity to give him whatever he likes.

We're going to take care of you!

It may seem small, but it was big. Like a big fountain soda Coke.

Thanks, Gang.

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