A dinosaur in the Fort Collins area has been kidnapped, and the local business where it was housed is looking for your help in bringing it back to the location.

Jax Ranch and Home, location on 287 in Fort Collins, just moved the new mascot "Dino the Dinosaur" to the area approximately two weeks ago. He was formerly at the Sinclair Oil Corporation's facility. However, workers arrived to the store Thursday morning and noticed that the iconic figure was no longer there.

An update listed this afternoon on the Jax Facebook page stated the following information, in hopes that the dinosaur is brought back to it's rightful home. Jax has announced that a $1000 Jax gift card reward has been offered for information leading to the location and safe recovery of the dinosaur.

If you have information that could lead to the return, please email info@jaxmercantile.com.  



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