It's almost Halloween, but you don't have to go to The Stanley to scare your pants off like some tourist! Colorado has a history of mining towns, and while the minerals may be tapped, we're still rich with GHOSTS. *o0o0o0o*

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Palace Hotel - Cripple Creek

According to the video below, the hotel is haunted by one of the former owners. She may occasionally light candles and turn down the beds for guests... so, not bad, right?

Hand Hotel Bed and Breakfast - Fairplay

In another old Colorado mining town, people have reported apparitions of little girls, shadows, child-size footprints, 'Grandma Hand,' and even a demonic dog, according to investigator Chuck Zukowski. Honestly, it just looks haunted.

The Oxford Hotel - Denver

According to Haunted Rooms, it is the oldest hotel in Denver, built in 1891, but with a 30s-era Art Deco remodel.

'One of the ghosts said to haunt the hotel is a male postal worker who often drops in and orders a drink. There is also a tragic haunting linked to room number 320, where a young woman was allegedly murdered by her husband after he caught her there with her lover. She is believed to have been captured in photographs in that particular room.' - Haunted Rooms

Now, The Oxford looks more hipster than haunted, but you can see Haunted Rooms' other haunted Colorado hotels here.

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