Tonight the NFL preseason begins with the annual Hall of Fame Game. The Cowboys will take the field against the Cardinals and the long wait is over for football fans but Bronco fans will have another week to wait before our boys in orange and blue hit the gridiron.

The big question for Bronco fans this year is...Who will be the starting QB? It has often been said, by John Madden, 'if you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterbacks' and the Broncos seem to be in that boat right now. Training camp is a time for someone to step forward and become the front-runner but I am not sure we are going to see that. I, for one, am very concerned about the QB position and think it may be a problem this year. I personally don't see Trevor or Paxton as 'the guy' but I sure hope I am wrong.

How about you? Do you think we have the people we need under center or not? Take the poll and let me know who think will end up being the main signal caller for the Broncos when the start of the season rolls around.

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