I have complained for years about smartphones and how they have taken over us as humans. I have always thought they are great for some things but actually make us less intelligent and socially inept. I believe I am correct and believe so more strongly than ever.

Do a test and put your phone away for a day and you will find your brain coming back to life. There are so many things that we have lost the ability to do since we started clutching those things like they are life itself. Here are 5 ways I believe smartphones have made us dumber.

5- We Don't Know Anyone's Phone Number - I couldn't tell you my daughters phone number if my life depended on it. What if my phone went dead and I had to call her? I would have no idea how to get a hold of her.

4- We Have Lost Our Ability to Learn - Do you even try to add things up anymore or look up the answer to anything? We just ask Siri or Alexa and they have all the answers. You realize that if these two get together they could rule the earth. They could make us drive off of cliffs or into oceans and lie to us the whole way. We put a lot of trust in those voices.

3- We Cannot Spell - Do you even try or just let auto-correct take over? It's kind of funny that even with spellcheck we still type like monkeys sometimes. Evr try2 read a txt frm a teen? Prolly have tried.

2- We Have No Map Reading Skills - We count on the GPS to get us everywhere. When was the last time you unfolded a map and tried to read it. I remember getting directions like "turn left at the old barn and go until you see a rotted cottonwood. Then go a quarter mile or so and it will be on the left where the old depot used to be". These days we don't see a thing around us like that tree. We just are looking for exit 148.

1- We Have Lost Our Real Human Emotion - An emoji does not really convey how you feel but a inflection or quiver in your voice does. It is really easy to be cold and emotionless in the cyber world but when you are face to face with someone we tend to clam up or not be as free with our words. There is no where to hide in person. You have to own what you say and can express yourself with body language that cannot be picked up online. Emotions are what make us human and the less we get together as humans the more lost we get emotionally.

There are some great things about smartphones but don't let it become who you are.

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