I love movies and always have. I remember growing up in a town with one theater with one screen. If there was a movie that was popular, like Star Wars or Jaws, it would be "held over" for months at a time. There were times when you would have the choice of one movie for the whole summer.

I still love watching movies and there are some that just never get old to me. I have put together a list of the five movies that I just can't flip past if they are on the TV. I may have seen these 100 times but I still am entertained and will sit glued to them when they are on. I watched Grease over and over and probably played that soundtrack a few thousand times. I'll still never figure out how Rizzo was 35 but still in high school. Jaws will always be dear to my heart but it scared the hell out of me. I was afraid to even use the toilet for months because it had water in it. I jumped about 8 feet high the first time I saw that head roll out of the hole in the boat.

If you ever want to see my cry, make me watch the scene in Field of Dreams when Kevin Costner and his dad play catch together. Gets me every time. Rocky will always entertain me as well. I still get pumped up when he climbs those stairs. My number one of all time though by far is Tombstone. There is no movie I have ever seen and enjoyed more that this classic western. Check out the clips below and enjoy. I'll grab the popcorn.

5. Grease

4. Jaws (careful adult language)

3. Field of Dreams

2. Rocky

1. Tombstone

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