Residents of Glen Haven, Colorado, may have to give back money they received from FEMA to fix a road to their homes. Officials met with residents on Wednesday, October 1; the outcome was not good.

Glen Haven was hit hard in the big flood last year and there's no doubt, they needed help. FEMA gave seven residents $20,000 each to fix a road that was later determined to be a private road and maintained by their HOA.

Now, FEMA wants that money back and residents have appealed the case and lost. Residents met with officials on Wednesday, October 1, and they said they have to follow guidelines and can't give money to fix a private road maintained by an HOA.

In order to make the funding decisions we have to go by what is written in the articles of incorporation and bylaws but again as we see, every case is different and there are nuances and that’s why it’s important to have these conversations to make sure we get to the right decisions and the right answer - FEMA spokesman Daniel Alexander

I guess my question is why did FEMA not know this before they gave out the money to help the residents and since it was probably their mistake, should they just eat the cost and let the residents of Glen Haven have their road?

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