Jon Pardi is as country as a tater and there is no hiding it. This guy has twang with a capital "T". You cannot listen to a Pardi record and not smell the sawdust floor, whiskey and smoke. There is no more "country" country artist making hits today than Mr. Pardi. Jon's new album "California Sunrise" is another collection of pure moonshine dripping country. Do yourself a favor and add this one to your collection today. You can order it by clicking right here.

Jon has had several hits in his young career but this week he reached a new high. Jon officially has his first number hit with his latest smash "Head Over Boots". I had Jon in our Habajeeba Show a few years ago because I knew he was going to be something special and he sure has proved me right. Congrats on the first of many number one hits Jon. Here is a cool video of friends and fans celebrating the big occasion.