Since we live in Wyoming, we know a lot of moose facts. You can add to that list that moose will eat bird feeders. One family learned this the hard way.

Imagine looking out your kitchen window and seeing this huge animal pretending to be a bird. This is an every day thing for some parts of Alaska.

The family explained what their big hairy visitor was up to:

This is a momma moose who likes to wander through our neighborhood on the Kenai Peninsula, in South Central Alaska. This was the second time she came to check out our bird feeder. Most of the time she catches us by surprise! Even though she's so big, she's actually really quiet. I was just hanging out in the living room and heard a sound. Next thing I know I'm seeing her right outside my kitchen window! As you can see, she was very interested in the bird feeder.

I would hazard a guess that there are more moose than people in that part of Alaska. I'm not kidding either as Alaska Game and Fish estimates that there could be up to 175,000 moose in their state. Of that number, I have to wonder how many eat bird feeders? Considering that moose eat pretty much whatever they want, that number is probably pretty high.

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