A Westminster household is mourning the loss of a family Pomeranian after it was killed by a bald eagle in their backyard.

According to the Denver Channel, the family spotted the bald eagle prior to heading out for dinner and thought nothing of it.

Bald Eagle
Matt Sparx, TSM

Upon returning home, only two out of the three dogs came to greet them at the door. That's when Amanda Harper, the owner of the Pomeranian, heard the bald eagle kill her dog.

She said it was the "most horrifying sounds of her life" in the article. The family found a pile of fur, a lot of blood, feathers and numerous parts of the dog.

Large birds can and will prey on smaller pets.

To avoid any interactions with birds of prey such as eagles and owl, be sure to monitor your pets while they are outside and do not leave them unattended.

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