Everyone knows "that couple" who overshare their relationship on Facebook - the one that posts couple selfies, date check-ins, and lovey-dovey status updates for everyone to see. It's like, okay, we get it - you're in love, now shut up.

I personally don't have a problem with this, and in the rare instances that I get annoyed with the Facebook PDA, I just ignore it. To me, there is just no point in complaining, and anger is a waste of energy. In my opinion, if you get angry about two people loving each other, you more than likely have some deep-seeded issues surrounding intimacy. But I digress. And no, I'm not one half of "that couple," either.

As it turns out, all the oversharing couples make on Facebook could be helping their relationship, according to a new survey of 180 college students at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

"The more people presented themselves as part of a couple, by listing themselves as 'in a relationship,' posting lots of photographs, and writing a lot on a partner's wall, the more committed they felt towards their partner and after 6 months, the more likely they were to remain together," Dr. Catalina L. Toma, professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, tells Good Morning America.

Survey results show relationship success and oversharing go beyond Facebook, however - relationships may also last longer when couples tell friends about their relationship and gain their approval.

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