I am far from being a fitness expert but I do know a bit about losing weight and keeping it off after what I have done this past year. One of the most difficult parts of losing over 140 lbs was not just learning how to eat right, it was how to exercise.

I was way over 300 lbs and moving was painful and exhausting. If I was tired just walking to the door, how could I possibly find the strength to actually exercise to help me get healthier? That was one of the first challenges when I joined the crew at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor. They actually taught me how to exercise...patiently and properly.

When I first started going there a year ago I could barley go up one step and then down without feeling winded...so that is where we started. Baby steps is the key. I started by just stepping up one step and down 15 to 20 times. That was as much as I could handle at first. Expect to start very slowly and work your way up. Your body may have no idea how to handle exercise and needs to get adjusted. It takes time but each day you find yourself doing a few more steps and then it starts to become a little easier. The next thing you know you are climbing up two steps. Time will go by and if you keep at it and pushing yourself just a little more each time, you will be astounded by what you can do. The PT team at Benchmark is amazing. I have been seeing Justin there and he has worked with me patiently and beautifully. He knew how to train me to get strong enough to actually work out. I could have never done what I have done without the guidance and knowledge of Justin and the crew at Benchmark. The PT has been so crucial in my change.

The other thing that has aided my strength and has been a huge part of this process has been the chiropractic care I have received from Nick and his team in the chiro area of Benchmark. They work magic on the back and spine. I had no idea what shape my spine was in and how it effected my every day existence. Since I started going to Benchmark my back moves like it never did before and I have had little to no back pain when I used to be a frequent sufferer. I feel stronger from head to toe and know that I am sitting and walking properly and how important that is.

The weight loss has just been one of the great benefits of this healthy new life. Feeling more fit and having no more back issues has been a huge win as well. Thanks again Benchmark for helping me change my life. The best is yet to come.

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