Pokemon Go's surge in popularity hasn't remotely slowed down - in fact, now Fort Collins police K9s are realizing they've #GottaSniffEmAll.

Over the weekend, news broke that a Brooklyn man became the first to catch all 142 Pokemon available int he United States.

Nick Johnson, 28, told CNN he caught 135 Pokemon in just one week, and decided he was so close that he'd keep going until he caught them all. While haters joke that millennials are ignoring responsibilities or risking their lives walking into the street to catch Pokemon, Johnson says the game hasn't really interfered with his everyday life all that much - his girlfriend (who is also a big Pokemon fan) has actually been very supportive of his passion, even going for walks after dinner with him so he could play.

Johnson says he played Pokemon Go between 6 and 10 hours each night, sometimes staying up as late as 4 or 5 a.m. the next morning. He even had an Uber drive him around Jersey City so he could catch Dratini, which another player told him there was an abundance of.

Needless to say, this is a very loved game.

Fort Collins Police Services have also caught onto playing, and even got one of their K9s hooked on the phenomenon. They posted this photo to their Facebook page on Monday of the K9 seemingly sniffing a Venonat.

Fort Collins Police Services via Facebook
Fort Collins Police Services via Facebook


"Good morning, Fort Collins!" the post reads. "May your week be filled with kind people, safe travels, and responsibly-acquired Pokemon."

How many Pokemon have you caught? Are you getting sick of the game, or are you just getting started?

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