The Stanley Hotel has a history of being seemingly haunted, and now there's a photo circulating on Facebook that's breathing new life to the rumor.

The Stanley Hotel history starts more than 100 years ago. They have many tours and special events where you can learn about historical facts, as well as the movie 'The Shining' which was inspired by the hotel.

During a spirit tour, led by Marina Pirkle, a guest snapped a picture of a mirror. In the picture there is, allegedly, a distinctive, visible face peeking around the corner within the mirror.

Marina Pirkle went to Facebook and posted this about the mirror:

This is the “portal” mirror in the basement of the concert hall where people often see glimpses of other dimensions.

She continued, saying that "it’s been an interesting and very active few days at the Stanley".

You can be the judge, but this definitely freaks me out. The original post is below.

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