If you've lived in Colorado for long enough, you've probably spent some time at the state's biggest, and arguably most fun theme park, Elitch Gardens.

However, if that does apply to you, some news back in 2018 likely hurt your feelings pretty bad as an announcement was made that the park would be closing and the property is set to be developed into something that is, well, not roller coasters.

But what's really going on with Elitch Gardens? Some recent news has many of us scratching our heads.

Elitch Gardens has Been a Colorado Staple for Many Years

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In case you're not familiar, Elitch Gardens first opened its doors in 1890 and stayed at its original location until 1994, at which point it reopened at its current location in the heart of downtown Denver the following year.

The park is made up of 65 acres, 40 attractions, six roller coasters, and two water rides, all of which we expect to go away based on rather disheartening news that came down back in 2018.

Colorado's Elitch Gardens will be Redeveloped into River Mile

Back in 2018, it was announced that the owners of Elitch Gardens, Revesco Properties, and Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, were hoping to get rid of the park as we know and love it and replace it with a new, fancy, residential area called River Mile.

It doesn't appear that a statement has been made about whether the park will be relocated or simply closed, and no closing dates have been announced, but last week something happened that leaves us scratching our heads.

Colorado's Elitch Gardens Owners Buy Adjacent Property

Last week it was reported that the current owners of Elitch Gardens, the aforementioned Revesco Properties and Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, purchased a 2.5-acre piece of land just south of the amusement park.

The big question on everyone's minds is, why?

According to Revesco President and CEO Rhys Duggan, the organization purchased the land because if they didn't, he would "look back and wonder why [they] didn't buy it."

The redevelopment project known as River Mile is being headed by Revesco, but it has been reported that both companies, including Kroenke, paid $7.35 million for the property.

Still, we know very little about what's going on with Elitch Gardens, how long it will be around, and what's going on behind the curtain, but we do know that the current owners are making moves and definitely haven't forgotten about it.

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