A suspect was taken into custody after he harassed and aggressively drove through a Pro-Police rally in Eaton Saturday (July 25) afternoon.

A day that was supposed to be full love support, positivity and love toward local police officers turned dangerous on Saturday. (July 25) According to The Greeley Tribune, a  counter-protester began taunting the crowd, flipping off supporters from his SUV while driving along Collins St.

Moments after the SUV had passed, Eaton resident Carlee Hauskashe let her three boys cross the street to a large grassy area where other children were playing. She said this to the Complete Colorado:

“I turned to look what was going on and heard him squeal his tires and turn around to face Heritage Market. He just floored it and went into the grass. I just ran and scooped up the kids and saw him turn around again into the grass. I’ve never been so scared of something. It’s something you only see in a movie. Just two minutes earlier and they would have been right there.”


The driver continued west on the grass almost running over a family of 11 that drove to the event from Fort Lupton. Witnesses told Complete Colorado that it appeared the man was aiming for the family.

A Eaton Police officer was close enough to catch up with the driver, 21-year-old Isaiah Cordova. He is being held in the Weld Country jail for 1st Degree Assault, seven counts of felony menacing and one count of reckless driving.

The rally drew nearly 300 people holding flags, signs and playing music.

This comes on a violent day in Colorado where a Jeep drove through a Black Lives Matter protest with protesters opening fire on the vehicle. See the GRAPHIC video HERE.

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