Dylan Scott's new single "Can't Have Mine" offers good advice and a warning. The second single from his Livin' My Best Life album is his first try for a traditional country ballad at radio.

The "New Truck" hitmaker takes command of the acoustic vocal early, and while it's a stretch to label his performance as sensitive, it's certainly warm and inviting. The point of this song (written by Scott, Dallas Wilson, Josh Melton and Matt Alderman) is to suggest places to find true love, and to describe what true love looks like. It's built around this lyric from the chorus:

"Find you a girl that leaves you speechless / Gets wild on the town but still loves Jesus."

Fans will understandably request "Find You a Girl" from their local radio station, even though that's not the song's title. You don't get to "Can't Have Mine" until the last lyric of each chorus, and Scott delivers it with an assertive jab. True love is rare, and Scott is ready to protect his.

Did You Know?: Scott's new album includes several traditional-leaning songs like "Lay Down With You."

Listen to Dylan Scott, "Can't Have Mine"

Dylan Scott, "Can't Have Mine" Lyrics:

You could find you a girl on a Friday night / Dancin' in the back of a bar / A Sunday morning hands up high / Singing front row in the choir / You could find you a girl through a friend of a friend / Or she could show up right out of the blue / It don't matter where you find her / Just as long as you.

Find you a girl that leaves you speechless / Gets wild on the town but still loves Jesus / One that's worth the wait even when she ain't on time / Find you a girl that loves her daddy / And talkin' about babies makes her happy / Yeah, take it from me, that's the kind you need to find / You just can't have mine.

Find you a girl that likes to do all the things you love to do / And even on your worst day / She still thinks you hung the moon / Find you a girl that's like fine wine that just gets better with age / Boy, you'll have it made.

Repeat Chorus

Thank God, she loves me / God knows, I got so lucky / If you want one like I got, you gotta trust me.

Repeat Chorus

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