My football knowledge is limited to team names, locations, and colors; so, if even I'm laughing at this, which I am, it had to be quite the sports-related gaffe.

Juliana Laitos' heart was in the right place when she attended an auction last Friday night in Denver.  She was wanting to support a fundraiser for a local elementary school; and that she did, with the help of several margaritas.

She found herself in an aggressive bidding war with another woman over a football autographed by the 2017 Denver Broncos football team, whose record is 5 and 11... And before she knew it, the price had multiplied in practically no time, and she bought the ball for $675.  Woops!

Now, it sits on her fireplace mantle, but she's hoping for a chance to at least donate it to another school fundraiser.

It could've been worse.  Laitos actually bid a total of $890, as she was also super interested in some professional pet portraits, and a vacation... to Colorado Springs.


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