As a resident of Johnstown, Colorado, I am always happy to see progress in my small town. With the addition of a new grocery store, Murdoch's Ranch and Home Supply, and the ever-so-famous Texas-based Buc-ee's gas station, a lot is happening for this Northern Colorado town in such a short amount of time.

Recently, a new sign for Downtown Johnstown was installed, and while the intentions are believed to be good, residents aren't really loving the change. Being a member of the Milliken/Johnstown Discussion group on Facebook, people were chiming in on the new sign and giving their thoughts.

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When I saw the sign, I felt it looked familiar. Then it hit me. It was totally giving me the feeling of the Denver Zoo's entrance sign.

While you may think I am a bit crazy for thinking this, I was not alone in my sentiment.

It's giving Denver Zoo

Said Kayleigh Weickum in the post of the photo. We were not the only two people thinking the same thing as more than 80 people liked the comment.

Credit: Dan Rodda Via Facebook
Credit: Dan Rodda Via Facebook

Others thought it reminded them of the Jurrasic Park logo or the Subway logo. Both I can actually see. One person said that the "sign is bigger than the actual downtown. However, my favorite comment out of the more than 200 comments was this one:

It's giving welcome to Vegas meets Waffle House vibes.

Said Jennifer Hungate.

The new downtown Johnstown sign replaces the old sign that looked more modest and fitting for the tiny Northern Colorado town.

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