I would say I was definitely a rebel when I was younger, at least when it came to the little things I was. The most annoying words were “don’t do that”. Well, here those words are yet again, except this time it’s not my parents telling me its a bad idea.

This is pretty obvious, and I’m pretty sure almost everyone would agree that if you tell a teenager to do something they’ll likely do the opposite.

Well, University of Colorado researchers have found that to be true with the volume of headphones/earbuds/airpods while teens are listening. Researchers say that if you tell a teen to turn down the volume they will turn it up instead.

They also found that boys have their headphones/earbuds/airpods set louder than girls.

What’s even crazier is that people who know the risks of loud music associated with hearing loss actually play their music at higher levels too! They also found that up to 24 percent listen a levels which put them at risk of permanent hearing loss.

It’s definitely too late to fix my ears as I was one of these notorious teens that always turned the volume up when my parents told me not to, but maybe we can help the younger ears out.

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