I am going to get in trouble with my wife for this but I ain't scared. What scares me is riding with her. I love my wife dearly and I appreciate when she takes the wheel and lets me just ride but I can't say it is a real restful time in the passenger seat. It is a scary place out there on the road and my wife is in battle mode at all times. She looks at each drive as a game of Mario Cart. I keep expecting her to hit a button and ink the car ahead of us or chuck a a turtle shell in their path. Yet, she has a perfect track record on the road and I don't recall her ever being in an accident, while I have had several.

I will obviously be sleeping on the couch for awhile due to this blog and I would like you to be bold enough to be honest as well. What do you think of your spouse's driving? Do you have no complaints or are you scared to death? Vote here. It is safe and confidential. I will not tell on you.

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