There are a lot of lies waiting for you in the grocery store. You see beautiful pictures of food on boxes and then you bring them home and they look nothing like what the picture on the box shows. I have never had a Totino's pizza that was actually covered with cheese and meat like the box leads us to believe. The pizza in the box looks more like a bloody wound or an unleavened wafer topped with 7 stands of cheese and a couple of mystery squares of alleged protein.

pot pie with peas
Brian Gary, TSM

The worst offender is the pot pie. I bought one recently and thought I would see if there were as many peas inside the pie as it showed on the box. The box shows meat and veggies pouring out of a flaky crust. The box itself has 3 peas in the picture and I decided to see if I could find 3 in the pie. Well I cooked that bad boy and low and behold, there were exactly 3 peas in the whole pie. 3! I guess I can't complain because that is exactly what they showed me. Three peas, a couple of carrot cubes, a few pieces of potato and 5 squares of critter. I guess I got my 79 cents worth.

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