Denver Zoo threw a party for Dobby the Giraffe on Wednesday. He is one year old. He was born February 28, 2017. My wife, Jenny, and I had the chance to see him when he was only 2 months old.

Dobby was just five-feet-tall and 73 pounds when he was born, which is relatively small. Giraffe calves are usually 6-feet-tall and 150 pounds.

  • At 6 months old he weighed 450 pounds and was 8-feet-tall.
  • At 9 months he reached 500 pounds.
  • He’s now 10 times his birth weight at 757 pounds.
  • He won’t be fully grown until he’s 3.

Jenny took these photos in late April of 2017.

Here is the post about Dobby's birthday on the Denver Zoo Facebook from Good Morning America:


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