There was a time in my life when cereal and popcorn were my two main food products. I pretty much existed on these items when I was a young man first venturing out on my own. There are many of us who are cereal freaks. There are so many of us that there are actually restaurants that only serve cereal.

We all have our own way of eating cereal. There are some people who will take a bowl of Cheerios and try to drown them in sugar so there is a nice glucose paste at the bottom of the bowl. Some people love their cereal crunchy and some like it soggy, some love sweetened cereal and some love unsweetened. I have always been a Wheaties or Wheat Chex kind of guy. I also like my cereal soggy. I can pour a bowl of Wheaties and then jump in the shower and come out and eat it when it's good and soggy.

The one thing I can't stand is drinking the milk at the end of the bowl. I hate floaties in my drinks and a bowl of cereal milk in the most floatie infested fluid in the world. I will not drink it. I believe that is what pets are for. I know some people look forward to that moo juice at the bottom of the bowl as much as the cereal. Where do you stand on the cereal milk issue? Vote here.

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