Colorado is a great state for the outdoors. If you like to hike, hunt and fish there is no better place on the earth to live. I grew up in North Dakota where we didn't have the mountains to go and explore but we sure had our share of rivers and creeks. We used to fish all the time. Fishing should have been a high school sport then a lot of us wouldn't have had to skip school to do it.

Brian Gary, TSM
Brian Gary, TSM

I loved to fish but my wife Kyla loved and loves it even more. She would go fishing every day if she could but life just doesn't permit it. I know there are tons of other ladies who love to drown a worm as well. We wrongly think that fishing is a guy thing and that is far from the truth. I just read a survey that says that 1 in 50 women will fish for the first time this summer. Are one of those or are you an experienced angler or would you rather never touch the pole? Ladies, time to sound off on feelings about fishing. Let's hear from you.

Here are a couple fishing tunes to get you in the mood.

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