If you have a (720) area code phone number, you have one more thing in common with country star Dierks Bentley than you probably knew about. 

That's right, Dierks has a Denver area code, just like me. Except, I'm actually from Denver... so what's up with that?

According to a recent interview with The Denver Post's The Know, Bentely not only has a Denver number, but he has a flip phone. A FLIP PHONE. What? 

Here's what Bentley told The Know:

I got a flip phone with a Denver number. I’m kind of transitioning away from my smartphone, I’m just so sick of the thing. And I thought, 'I want a Denver area code' because I believe in the power of manifesting your goals, like making something your password that you’re aspiring toward, and having it be something you look at every day constantly so it will lead you there. One day I’ll be out there, but for now I’m in good old Nashville — traffic and bachelorette parties everywhere.

He loves Colorado so much, he wants to BE one of us. Oh, Dierks, we've got plenty of traffic and bachelorette parties here, too, but we're flattered! And, we hope that flip at least has the game 'Snake' on it.

Read The Know's full interview with Bentley here.

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