I don't normally draw this type of behavior out, but did you get one of these on your car in Fort Collins?

Flyer D Dennison
Flyer D Dennison

I haven't been really involved in the whole bag crisis in Fort Collins and apologize if I am seemingly make light of it, but it really isn't the issue that has me a bit upset, it's the flyer. And maybe that isn't right either, it's the distribution of the flyer.

Typically there are two to four cars parked on the street and in the driveway of my house, that by the way is a whole other subject. But, all four cars, two on the street, two in the driveway had this flyer on the windshield. Yes, all four vehicles had one. I was disturbed that they came up into my driveway, that all four vehicles had one and even if you didn't know the two vehicles on the street belonged to the house, the two vehicles in the driveway each had one.

The flyer in favor of stopping the Fort Collins Bag Tax, what about the waste of paper and I can't even imagine the volunteer hours that were behind this campaign. Yikes! In day of digital overload, paperless billing and bill paying, a day and age where social media is within grasp of over half of the population, if not greater, we have to distribute flyers, in excess?

Whichever side of the fence you're on, the Fort Collins City Council will meet tonight at City Hall West in Fort Collins at 6 p.m.


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