Denver's 420 rally was postponed on Saturday due to weather - and a lot of people aren't too happy about it since the sky didn't dump several feet of snow as planned.

Community organizer Miguel Lopez confirmed the cancellation with Denver7.

Rally leadership did cite "circumstances beyond [their] control" as another vague reason for postponing the event, so perhaps there were other good reasons for holding off on the rally. However, that didn't stop angry rally participants-to-be from retaliating on Facebook.

"Thanks for the notice 20min late.. The weather isn't even bad. Spent $300 on tickets n $30 on über [sic] n now I'm standing here with [expletive] because you gave no notice," one user wrote on the rally's Facebook page.

"I love how yesterday you guys posted that snow won't cancel the show and you referenced Christmas parades and then today after the initial time of the rally you decide to chancel? S****y move. You better issue refunds to those of us who paid for tickets, who knows when you will reschedule it and who knows if everyone who already planned for today will be able to go on the new date," said another user.

Rappers Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne were to perform at the rally. Lopez told Denver7 a new date will be announced on the Denver 420 rally website soon.

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