For the first time since 2018, visitors will be able to see sloths at the Denver Zoo.

On Thursday (June 3), the zoo announced that their sloths, Elliot and Charlotte, are now on display in the Tropical Discovery exhibit. The animals were previously hidden from the public due to their nocturnal nature.

According to a Facebook post, Elliot and Charlotte's new home is complete with a 22-foot sloth tree, branches, and skylit ceilings — perfect for their tree-loving nature.

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"Our new sloth exhibit is designed to showcase this slow and docile species on their terms," read the post. "Keepers say Charlotte has already scoped out her favorite spots in the new tree!"

The zoo posted a video of Charlotte (slowly) exploring her new turf. Elliot is not featured, as the two are separated to

However, the couple did welcome son Wookiee in 2019. The two-year-old sloth doesn't live in Tropical Discovery, but visitors can see him during private sloth encounters with the zoo's Animal Ambassador team.

Their second child, Ruth, is now at the Dallas Zoo in Texas.

To see Elliot and Charlotte in person, the zoo recommends looking up, as the animals only come down from their tree for one reason: the bathroom.

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