We may carve pumpkins, but the Denver Zoo's elephants squish them.

Bodhi, Chuck, and Jake, three of the zoo's Asian elephants, crushed pumpkins on Wednesday (October 28) for the annual 'Squish the Squash' extravaganza.

In a Facebook video, the elephants are seen stepping on the gourds, one of which was 450 pounds, before enjoying them as a yummy fall snack.

However, this year's 'Squish the Squash' is more than just Halloween fun.

The event is also the launch of the organization's ZOOtrition campaign, which raises awareness for animal nutrition — something the Denver Zoo spends $1 million on every year.

Proceeds from the campaign will go towards feeding the zoo's animals. You can make a donation here. 

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Animals of the Denver Zoo


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