A Denver’s business owner is being fined by the city for his refusal to pick up feces left by the homeless.

Jawid Bazar owns a small business in Denver's Five Points Neighborhood. He tells CBS Denver that he sees "trash, drug deals, food, defecation and drug needles" in the alley on his property. He says he and his staff have stopped cleaning up the mess because they're not equipped to deal with needles and human waste. Bazar says the city needs to clean up the problem because they're not enforcing laws (already on the books) against trespassing, camping, or public defecation.

A spokesperson for the city of Denver tells CBS Denver "if it's on your property, it's your responsibility," even with human waste, and issued Bazar a citation.

Bazar plans to go to court and fight the ticket calling the city's treatment "unfair."

Source: CBS Denver

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