This is one happy, happy dog.

How wonderful are dogs? Seriously. My dog Ollie brings me so much joy. From cuddles, to kisses, to playtime... I love it all. I especially love it when I can see he's creating his own fun. Like when he catches the "zoomies." Does your dog do this? Ollie will get so riled up and start running around in circles. Take one step toward him when he stops and he starts up all over again.

It's my favorite.

Dogs have so much personality and I think it's one of the reasons why we love them so much. Perhaps your dog has its own way of communicating with you or creating their own fun. Much like this dog in Denver that is gaining some popularity on social media.

The original video was posted by TikTok user @leadinglayla. In it you can see the dog placing her front paws on a big Frisbee in the snow. She then pushes and lunges forward with her back legs to make her front legs glide across the snow. She's essentially sledding all by herself. There are several clips in the video. One in particular shows her reaching the bottom of the snow-covered hill, grabbing her Frisbee and running back up the hill to start again.

All the while she has a very zoomie-like look on her face. It's pure elation.


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The person who posted the video (presumably her dog mom) says she tried to get her dog a larger Frisbee so she would sled properly. However, she not only loves the smaller flying disk, but she also loves her method of sledding.

One thing is for sure, you can't rain (or in this case snow) on this pup's parade!

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