Most of us are desperately missing sports, but thankfully we have some good trash talk to get us through this mostly sports-less season.

Leave it to the Broncos' Shelby Harris to verbally throw down with the best. We all know of the rivalry that Harris has with the Raiders, but with the team now in Las Vegas... it just doesn't really have the same ring to it.

In the episode of "Broncos Country Tonight" with Alexis Perry Harris talked about the rivalry, saying this:

Alexis Perry: Week 10 will be the first time you guys face the brand new (but not really) Las Vegas Raiders... Is it safe to say this rivalry will live on, even though the Raiders are now in Vegas? [...]

Shelby Harris: I don't think it's gonna be the same. I just don't see them having much of a hometown appeal. I feel like it's gonna be more of a tourist thing, like, "Oh, we're in Vegas, let's go to the game."

Perry: But don't you think the Vegas Golden Knights are a good example of how it might actually work? The hockey team there, man, they have a fan base that's crazy.

Harris: Yeah, you have to be good, though.

The fans are loving every second of it.

Others weren't so sure about Harris' comments.

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