Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock called off throwing sessions with wide receivers because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Lock went to the Broncos team website on Thursday to announce that he was calling off the workouts, saying it was “socially responsible”.

“It was going to end up being the first couple weeks of April, but I don’t know if that would be socially responsible for us to do that right now,” Lock said. “Depending on how long this goes on, how long they keep us out of the building and whatnot, I’m sure near the end of this we can all get up maybe a couple weeks before we’re all supposed to be back.”

Drew Lock

Lock said there was no plan right now for the team to meet up and practice, even if they stayed 6 feet away from each other.

Lock is staying at his parents’ Missouri home until he's allowed to return to the team facility to start working out again.

“You've just got to adapt. You've got to figure out ways to stay in shape. I've got my elevation mask working here, running around the block still. I started training with that probably a month before I ended up getting out to Denver before the year started last year, so just trying to keep in the swing of things, realizing right now it is a little weird but it's definitely going to end, and we'll have to get back to normal life soon. The better you can be prepared for getting back to normal life, I think that's kind of been the mindset I've had.”

Drew Lock

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