Colorado is known across the world as being the best state in the nation when it comes to beer. And now we have one of the best "dive bars" in America to show for it.

According to the online publication Thrillist, My Brother's Bar is one of the best dive bars in America and is an institution in the city of Denver.

My Brother's Bar is located on 15th Street in the city.

Not aware of how much of an impact this bar has had on the local community? Well think about this. Before authors Allen Ginsburg and Jack Kerouac wrote their well known novels, they would stop by Brother's to grab something to eat and drink.

And as soon as you walk in the establishment, you feel the history that encompasses the venue while being able to drink some great brews and have a great burger.

And their food is something that will keep you coming back over and over and over...

Take a look at some of these items on the menu:

  • Jalapeno Cream Cheese Burger
  • Hot Buffalo Tenders
  • The Boulder Burger

And there is much more to keep you there for hours on end.

So if you're looking for a great dive bar in the city of Denver...check out My Brother's Bar!

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

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