Last night was a very special night of music for me. I am not one to go out to shows on a school night because I need my sleep and there in next to nothing that will keep me from getting it but last night was an exception. I was up until midnight because I could not get myself to leave the Delta Rae concert at the Moxi Theater in Greeley.

I had never been to The Moxi but I will be back. There were great people there and it is a very cool venue. It was perfect for last night's show. I first met Delta Rae a few months ago and heard them in a suite in hotel but couldn't wait to hear them do a full show...I was not disappointment. Wow! is about all I can come up with. I could try to explain what a Delta Rae show is like but you honestly have to see and feel it for yourself. You have to be there to experience the amazing harmonies, the superior musicianship and memorable songs and lyrics. There is feeling that is almost like going to church when you see them. The harmonies are like a choir of hundreds and feel as powerful and thunderous as a Queen concert with a rocking choir at the same time yet so uniquely Delta Rae. They are stunning to the eyes and ears.

There are some great songs and great performers out there but there is something special about this group that you have to see for yourself. I am SOLD!! These are great people on a mission to make the world a better place through love, harmony and music and they will. Jump on board and feel something you need to feel. Delta Rae is the real deal and a flavor the world really needs to taste right now. Don't miss Delta Rae next time they come around. Here are a taste of their work.

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